Warranty Conditions


10-year warranty for Titanium, Chase binoculars and Strykers, Javelin, Titanium riflescopes (excluding Titanium 4-16x42, 6-24x42, 4.5-14x44).

5-year warranty for Forest II, One binoculars, collimators, Titanium spotting scopes.

3-year warranty for Titanium riflescopes: 4-16x42, 6-24x42, 4.5-14x44 and classic riflescopes.

2-year warranty for Entry binoculars.


Our warranty covers the entire device with no exception- mechanics, optics and electronics. All defects of the device caused by defective parts or manufacturing faults and disclosed during warranty period will be repaired free of charge (we cover both the cost of materials, as well as the cost of repair or replacement). In order to speed up the repair process under warranty, please provide us with the following information: accurate description of the defect, your valid home address and telephone number and e-mail address. We strongly recommend to use the warranty claim form and/or online warranty registration. To declare the product for repair, please contact the retailer where the product was purchased or the nearest authorized Delta Optical dealer. You can also contact Delta Optical Technical Support Team directly. A warranty claim must include a complete warranty card, together with proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). This does not apply to products whose period of warranty coverage can be verified based on the serial number / date of manufacture. Delta Optical's main mission is to fully satisfy the customers so if you have any comments or questions regarding our technical support procedures please contact us.