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New Products
These models combine classic design with modern technology - used in these are specially coated with multiple layers - used in these are specially coated with multiple layers of antireflection coatings lens with high light transmission.
One of the smallest and lightest binoculars with a lens diameter of 56 mm in the world. (weight of only 990 g and height of just 165 mm).
Delta Optical SPECTRUM with a 5-inch LCD display and a 50x magnification is a modern, portable and easy to use digital observation scope.
These binoculars are almost devoid of chromatic aberration, have a relatively large field of view with the correct focus almost to the edge of the image.
10x42 model due to larger magnification but smaller field of view is recommended for daytime observation.
8x42 model with a field of view of 7.8 degrees is suitable for many different types of observation.
Most universal binoculars, perfectly suited for all kinds of observations. The size of these binoculars is slightly larger than that of the models with 42mm lens, however, their weight is way below one kg.
Lightweight roof prism binoculars for different purposes. They can be used by nature lovers, tourists and hunters for daytime viewing.
Binoculars with high brightness and rich color image. They have a very large field of view of 7.7 degree and full image sharpness is maintained almost to the edge of the field.
17/02/2020 It is a privilege to invite you to participate in IWA Outdoor Classic 2020 - world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities for civilian and official security applications.
08/02/2018 Once again we will be in Nuremberg at the annual IWA Outdoor Classic International Trade Fair!
12/01/2018 One of the best binoculars introduced last year to the Polish market was Delta Optical Chase 10x50 ED.