MiniDot HD 24

Catalog Number: DO-2320
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Top advantages
  • Collimator of open type
  • Lightweight, compact, suitable for pistols, hunting horn or rifle
  • Manual digital brightness adjustment
  • Precise, small aiming dot
  • High recoil resistance
  • Waterproof
Warranty: 60 months Details


New and improved version of MiniDot. Ideal compact red dot sight for pistol, hunting horn or rifle. Distinguishing features are: enhanced waterproof design, manual adjustment of brightness and automatic shut-off, brightness memory –setting. Extremely simple to install and use.
Two versions of lenses available : 26x22mm and 24x15mm.

Easy battery replacement without removing the device.

We offer the following mounting kits:


-MT-5100 - COLT1911
-MT-5101 - Glock 10mm
-MT-5102 - Glock 9mm
-MT-5103 - Beretta 92
-MT-5105 - SIG P226

Additional Information

  • Size of illuminated dot [MOA]: 2
  • lens dimension [mm]: 23x15
  • Linear field of view at 100 m [m]: 12
  • Type: Opened
  • Length [mm]: 47
  • Weight [g]: 36



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